6th Grade Orchestra

Mr. Burt is the orchestra teacher at Viewmont High, Centerville Junior High, and other surrounding elementary schools.  The string orchestra program is offered to 6th grade students in the Davis School District.  There will be a parent/student meeting at your student’s elementary school in the fall.  The instruments taught in the elementary grades are violin, viola, cello, and string bass.  Since the schools have a limited number of instruments, most students will have to provide their own. This is the case with all violin and viola students.  From my district inventory, I have some cellos and string basses that will be given to students to use for the year.  I will determine which students will be given this opportunity after I have visited with the student, their parents and teachers.  The orchestra program provides an opportunity for your child.  Learning to play a string instrument and belonging to the school orchestra opens up a while new world of friendship and fun…the thrill of playing and working toward a worthwhile goal.  The benefits of this area of study are many.

·         Research studies have shown that students who play an instrument generally get along better in school and earn better grades.  This is understandable when you realize that playing a string instrument and cooperating with fellow students in the orchestra develops coordination and concentration and helps build self-esteem…all qualities which help a student in his other studies.

As your child’s instructor, I am eager to help him or her gain a feeling of success and accomplishment through playing an instrument.  It is an exciting venture and extremely rewarding.  I am looking forward to meeting you and discussing how we can work together to benefit your child.  That’s what education is all about.        

For more information, contact Mr. Burt by email: mburt@dsdmail.net

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